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June 10, 2024

Success Story: Welcome Home Alex Bertke!

When Alex Bertke opened his childhood savings account at Minster Bank, he never imagined that years later, the same bank would guide him through buying his first home.

Uncertainty to Simplicity

Buying a home can be full of uncertainties, especially for first-time buyers. The excitement is often overshadowed by the worry of endless paperwork, complex financing questions, and uncertain timelines. Alex initially believed homeownership was a distant goal.

Uncertain if he could even qualify for a mortgage, Alex reached out to Minster Bank’s Sidney branch, bracing himself for months of saving, form-filling, and self-study on the intricacies of home financing. Instead, he met Rhonda Keister, whose experience and guidance immediately put him at ease. “I had scheduled an appointment with Rhonda to prepare for possibly buying a house and setting a budget for myself”, he recalled, “I had emailed her quite a few questions about the grant process. She was very helpful and always quick to respond.”

Excitement Reignited

What initially seemed like an overwhelming task suddenly became manageable. Rhonda and the Sidney branch team reignited Alex’s excitement, providing hands-on guidance and proactive solutions to every obstacle. “Teamwork makes the process both effective and fulfilling,” Ronda commented. “It was so rewarding to coordinate and collaborate with everyone in order to make Alex’s dream of homeownership happen.”

Today, instead of drowning in paperwork, Alex is preparing to move into his new home, planning projects like a kitchen island and bathroom renovation. With Minster Bank’s help, he’s experiencing the freedom and security of homeownership sooner than expected. “The grant allowed me to find a home that fits my needs without years of extra saving,” Alex said.

Resources You Need & Can Trust

You deserve an experienced lending partner you can trust. Our financial tools empower you to make informed decisions about your future. Visit our Resources page for calculators, cost estimators and more. In addition, as a first-time homebuyer, you can download our extensive first-time homebuyer guide from our Mortgage page.

Welcome Home Grant: What You Need to Know

Welcome Home program information is released every February by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati. Applications are accepted in March and funds typically become available in April or May. For more information on the program, visit https://www.fhlbc.com/


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