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June 26, 2024

New Healthcare Mission Inspires Community Support

Each month, the employees of Minster Bank raise donations to support a local non-profit organization. The choice of which organization to support is always a significant one, and many options are considered. However, one nomination stood out due to its personal connection to the Minster Bank community. Lisa Dailey, a dedicated employee of over thirty years, nominated Saint Joseph Home Health Care.

For over thirty years, Lisa participated in the Bank’s efforts to uplift the community. Quietly and steadily serving, she regularly contributed donations to local charities—but this time was different. When she announced a nomination, something she had not done in her thirty-six years at the bank, it was immediately obvious that it was the right choice. This charity had a special place in her heart, as it was inspired by her sister, Nancy.

Nancy’s Journey

L to R: Lisa, Nancy and Joe

In 1981, high school student and gifted athlete, Nancy Hartings, was in a car accident which changed her life forever. Between support from her family, extensive care, and her own unconquerable spirit, Nancy returned to school and graduated, but her life would never be the same.

In the early 2000’s, Nancy moved from her parent’s home into group homes where she was given thorough care. After almost two decades, Nancy heard the unfortunate news that the agency could no longer provide care and was placed in a nursing home. While the staff provided good care, a combination of the new environment and further separation from her family due to the onset of COVID-19 led her to feel lonelier than ever.

Joe’s Mission

Joe Hartings, the younger brother of Lisa and Nancy, decided after a visit one day that he needed to help her. Divided by a clear barrier due to the virus, Joe spoke with Nancy and saw her frustration and loneliness. Determined to improve her situation, Joe decided to take action. “Nancy needed to be at home, and it was my mission to get her there,” he said.

“What he did next was like a miracle,” Lisa shared.

Joe resolved to create a different kind of healthcare organization, one that truly valued its caregivers. He recognized that good care stemmed from having good people, but the industry was facing a shortage of caregivers and low wages. “I’m not just going to start a typical healthcare organization. This needs to be different,” Joe told himself with determination. “It needs to be better.”

New Foundations

Joe believed that caregiving was challenging but fulfilling work that deserved proper compensation. He structured the non-profit so donations could go directly to the caregivers, the foundation of the mission.

Minster Bank employees were thrilled to take part in furthering Joe’s mission and were inspired to do so by Lisa. “It’s a perfect representation of what our bank is about. The people in this area are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and friends,” she shared. “We care so much about the community because we are part of it.”

The community support has been amazing and generous donations allow him to pay caregivers 25% more than the industry average and provide benefits and support. In 2023, Nancy moved into her own home, on the property next to the Hartings family farm and her younger brother, Scott. Today, Nancy lives actively and independently, enjoying walks, games, and taking care of her chickens with the help of her caregivers. Most importantly, she gets to be home!


To find out more about Saint Joseph Home Health Care, visit https://www.saintjoseph-homehealthcare.org/


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