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Debit Card

Looks like a credit card, but works like a check!
Our VISA® Debit Card Allows You to:
  • Write a Minster Bank check without using your checkbook.
  • Use it wherever VISA® is accepted.
  • Access your accounts through over 25,000 surcharge-free MoneyPassTM ATMs.

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How the VISA® Debit Card Works:
  • The transaction amount is automatically deducted from your Minster Bank checking account, like a check. A detailed description of each transaction will appear on your monthly statement for easy record keeping.  You just keep the sales receipt and record the amount in your checkbook register.
  • Works like an ATM card by giving you access to your accounts 24-hours a day through any automated teller machine linked to MoneyPassTM, PulseTM, or PlusTM Networks.  There's no fee for using Minster Bank ATMs, and NO SURCHARGE at any ATM across the U.S. displaying the MoneyPass® logo.
  • No charge for the card, and you can use our Debit Card anywhere VISA® is accepted with no processing or merchant fee.
  • Allows daily ATM cash withdrawals up to $500 per cardholder.
  • Provides for point of sale purchases up to $2,500 per day.
  • Subject to approval.

To report a lost or stolen debit card, call 1-800-472-3272

Control Your Cards from Anywhere

Now available on the Minster Bank mobile app, Manage My Cards offers ultimate control over your debit cards. Enjoy more flexibility, convenience and protection with just a few taps ― anytime, anywhere.

What is Manage My Cards?

Use and Monitor Enrolled Cards

Once you add your cards to your digital wallet on the Minster Bank mobile app, you can use Manage My Cards to:

  • View one-time and recurring payments made to the card
  • Display the digital card information (full card number and details)
  • Perform transactions without a physical card

Manage Your Cards

Take ultimate control over your cards. With Manage My Cards, you can:

  • Easily turn cards on and off. When the card is off, no purchases or withdrawals are approved except for previously scheduled recurring payments.
  • Control card usage. You can restrict card usage based on location, spend limit, merchant type and transaction type.
  • Set alerts. Get notified each time the card is used based on specific desired alerts or when a transaction is attempted but declined.
  • Call for service. Call designated phone numbers to activate a card, report a card lost or stolen or set a PIN.

Track Your Spending

Check transactions and account balances for each card, plus get spend insights to see:

What transaction was for
When transaction occurred
Where transaction happened

Protect Against Fraud

View suspicious activity immediately with real-time alerts. Address concerns in seconds by:

  • Locking a card
  • Calling fraud prevention services

How to Access Manage My Cards

1. Update your Minster Bank mobile app through:
2. Log in to the Minster Bank mobile app.

Download on the App Store Button Google Play Button

3. After logging in, you will be taken to the Accounts screen. Under "Quick Links" tap “My cards” to access Manage My Cards. 
4. You will be brought to the card controls dashboard. Tap your card from the list to manage it and view more details.
5. Here, you can turn cards on or off, configure controls and alerts, manage the card, see stored merchants and view your latest transactions.
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