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Switch Kit


Banking is about investing your money & time wisely 

                      That's why Minster Bank offers this Switch Kit

It's an easy switch when you follow these steps....

1. Open your accounts at Minster Bank

2. List all of your Direct Deposits

  • Payroll
  • Stock Dividends
  • Any automatic transfers
  • Other ___________________________________

3. List all of your Direct Payments

  • Utility
  • Cable
  • Credit Cards
  • Phone
  • Loan Payment
  • Club Membership
  • Other ___________________________________

4. Simply complete a form online for each provider and send them notification

5. Close old accounts once changes are made

That's it!  You've made the Switch to Minster Bank.



Minster Bank
To report a lost or stolen Visa Debit Card, please call: 1-800-472-3272. To report a lost or stolen Consumer Visa Credit Card, please call: 1-800-558-3424. To report a lost or stolen Business Visa Credit Card, please call: 1-866-552-8855.
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