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Minster Bank's Health Savings Account (HSA) is a powerful financial planning tool to help you manage your healthcare expenses.



What Is It?

A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged account that can be used to pay for current or future qualified medical expenses. HSAs are offered to qualifying individuals only in conjunction with a high deductible health plan.



How It Works

You contribute a portion of your paycheck into this account before taxes, subject to certain limits, reducing the amount of federal income tax you pay for the year. Then, you can make tax-free withdrawals to pay for qualified healthcare expenses such as:

  • Office visit co-payments
  • Insurance deductibles
  • Eligible prescriptions
  • Dental care
  • Eye care, including glasses, contacts, and more




Benefits of the Minster Bank HSA



  • Triple Tax Benefits - (1) The HSA can be funded on a pre-tax basis, (2) distributions made from the HSA for qualified medical expenses are tax-exempt and (3) investment income in the HSA grows tax-deferred and distributions of income for qualified medical expenses are tax-exempt.
  • Roll Over - With the Minster Bank HSA, money left over in your account at the end of the year rolls over into the next year.  Unlike a Flexible Spending Account, there is no use it or lose it provision.
  • Portability - You can continue your account even if you change places of employment. Minster Bank will still be here to service your account.
  • Control - You own your account and decide how to spend your healthcare dollars.
  • Flexibility - At age 65, or when you become covered by Medicare, the money in your account can be used for any reason without penalty. You still pay income tax on these distributions if they are for non-qualifying medical expenses.*


For HSA questions about government rules & regulations



This savings plan is ideal  if you are looking for...

A tax-free savings account for medical expenses when used with a High Deductible Health Plan

Will I earn interest?


Must I maintain a monthly minimum balance?


$0 the first year

$200 after the first year

Will I be charged a monthly maintenance fee if I fall below the minimum?


$4 fee

Any other charges? $1 per check over 5 checks per month
What is the minimum to open the account? N/A
Are there any transaction limits? Unlimited transactions


To open your Minster Bank Health Savings account, stop by any branch location or call 866-MINSTER.  We will help you choose the account that is right for you.

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