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With Minster Bank's Payroll Services you handle the payroll for your business.  Minster Bank's Payroll Services offers the following benefits:


Time and Costs Savings

You'll save time and costs associated with account and check reconciliation.  Reduces time to process payroll and eliminates lost or stolen check costs.


Enhanced Employee Relations

A reliable method of payroll disbursement.  Employees can split payroll into two accounts or more.


Improve Cash Flow Forecasting

You'll know in advance when each  disbursement will be made from your account.  This may help to minimize borrowing and may take advantage of other discounts.


Convenient Efficient Processing

You submit payment data to Minster Bank two days before settlement date.  Your account at Minster Bank will be debited for the total amount of the disbursements. 


To learn more about our Payroll Services, stop by any branch location or call 866-MINSTER. 

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